Every Business Needs a Cyber Insurance Policy

Does your business use CC payment? Does your organization bank online? Is your company on social media? Is private data from customers or staff members stored on your company computer network?

If you replied yes to one or more of the posed questions, you should seriously look into acquiring a cyber insurance policy.

Here is why.

Cyber insurance covers businesses or nonprofits from the risks of cyber attacks. A cyber policy can protect first and third parties from related losses and damages.

Here is how.

If an employee were to be tricked into transferring funds to a cyber thief, the insurance can reimburse the funds.

If a business computer was hacked allowing the hacker to get into the associated banking account so that he or she could transfer funds, the insurance can reimburse the loss of funds.

If an employee would erroneously opened an email link that contained a computer virus causing its files to become encrypted, the insurance can cover the ransomware minus the associated deductible in order to have the files unlocked.

If a computer virus would cause a company’s network to shut down and the tech company would require several days to get it running again, the insurance can reimburse lost profits plus other costs associated with the shutdown.

If a business were to be hacked and sensitive data stolen, the insurance can cover lawyers’ fees, security expert fees, public relation consulting costs, costs related to notifying those affected, and identification protection costs for those who suffered from the breach, along with computer compliance fines and penalties and related lawsuit defense and settlement expenses.

If a company’s network would experience a flood of much more traffic than its regular flow of traffic as a result of a computer virus, leaving the system and some of its main customer systems down, the insurance can cover the costs of lawsuits from the customers that would suffer from the effects of the virus, as well as the repair costs to recover data.

If a disparaging comment was to be left on social media by a customer and a company employee were to leave a reply saying the customer was lying, the insurance can cover legal expenses resulting from a defamation that a customer might file.

For more about cyber coverage and how it can help your company from the ravages of a potential cyber threat, speak to an experienced independent insurance agency.

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Insurance Coverage for the Egg /Poultry Farmer

Like any business owner, a poultry farm owner faces exposure to many commercial liability risks. Storms, floods, fires, insect and rodent damages and equipment is perhaps more real to this industry than others.

Nonetheless, the genuine threat posed to this type of farmer relates to the dreaded salmonella bacteria. Salmonella contamination can result in food poisoning. In the case of the poultry farmer, eggs can become infected and if eaten by the public cause a health threat.

Of late, there has been a salmonella scare about the eggs sold in various US states. Due to this the egg farmers have recalled more than two hundred million eggs!

Consumers have been told not to eat or cook the eggs. Instead, they have been instructed to return the eggs to the retail outlets where they bought them and receive a refund.

A Quick Summary about Salmonella

• More than a million US residents are infected with Salmonella on an annual basis. This has prompted hospitals to admit twenty-three thousand patients and is the grounds for four hundred and fifty related deaths.

• Children under the age of twelve are most prone to Salmonella food poisoning, but the infection is most dangerous for babies, seniors and those suffering from compromised immune systems.

• Most bouts of Salmonella are cured within 4 to 7 days by bed rest and drinking water and juice. Certain cases, however, are resolved only with the use of antibiotics.

Chicken, Turkey and Egg Farm Insurance

If a Salmonella outbreak hits the chicken, turkey and egg farm, there will be a significant loss of income to the owner. Moreover, lawsuits are bound to surface. All of this points to the importance of having sufficient related commercial insurance coverage.

Associated Farm Insurance protects poultry raised on the property and feed mills. In addition, it protects financial backers of big flocks of chicken and geese raised to become broilers, breeders or those grown for the production of eggs.

Coverage is usually prepared on an ‘all-risks’ form that is exclusively written for the poultry farmer. This type of insurance covers poultry mortality due to climatic or humid conditions, and so on. This can cover climate conditions in the farm or even while the poultry are being moved from one place to another in a vehicle.

Other perils to the poultry farm may include:

• Mishandling of chemicals

• Seepage from storage tanks or ponds on the property

• Harsh poultry conditions

A select group of related farm insurance plans cover contamination risks as well.

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5 Benefits of Buying Motor Trade Insurance Online

If you often buy online, it’s important that you be careful as there are some unauthorized sites as well. However, if you hire the services of a good broker, chances are that you can get a great deal. Anyhow, buying online offers a lot of benefits. Let’s take a look at 5 benefits that you can enjoy if you opt for an online motor trade insurance policy. This can save you plenty of money. Read on.

Phone Bills

First of all, since buying online doesn’t require you to make calls, you can save money on telephone bills. If you get a quote from the website of the provider, you can save the time that you would have spent on making several calls. All you need to do is enter the required details to get coverage.

Afterwards, once you have provided the information with a broker you can rely on, you don’t have to stay connected. The broker will do all the work for you so you can get the right policy. They will pay for the call charges, not you.

Policy Costs

Although obtaining a policy online won’t save you a lot of money in the beginning, it can be beneficial when it comes to getting in touch with the broker.

If you get a price online and then ask the broker to help you reduce the policy cost, it may save you a lot of money.

Apart from this, if you ask the broker to reduce the policy cost, they will try their level best to get a lower price for you.

Business Costs

Since you won’t need to call hundreds of insurers, you just need to let the broker find the right insurer for you.

All you need to do is provide your details with the broker by filling in the online form. The broker will do the rest of the job for you. In this way, you can focus on your business and customers. This will help you earn a lot of profit.

Future Savings

If you get a quote from a reliable online broker, you can save a good deal of money over the long haul.

If you use an online form to submit your request for a quote, your details will be saved so that they can be used at the time of renewing the policy. Again, this can save you money, as you won’t have to make calls again.

Besides, if you get the trust of the broker with the passage of time, you will be in a better position to negotiate with the insurer. You can develop trust by providing detailed information in the online forum.

Valuable Time

Time is money, which means your time is also valuable. If you submit your information through an online form, it will be easier for you to clear the process. This will save you a lot of hassle.

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Brief Discussion on the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

With the introduction of computers and the internet, companies prefer to do sales and marketing in a non-traditional way. Instead of relying on door-to-door sales and marketing, modern businesses prefer to maintain corporate portals where they highlight the products or services meant for marketing and sales. Modern business houses prefer digital marketing to sell products or services as this method of sales and marketing is considered effective yet less laborious. This blog highlights the fundamentals of digital marketing. It also discusses SEO and its role in web marketing.

Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is also known as search engine optimization and it is very important as far as web marketing is concerned. Companies hire the expertise of professional web marketers to sell their products and services. The expert digital marketer uses their skills, strategies to market, and sells products or services. The professionals in the field of digital marketing use SEO to enhance the visibility of client resources like websites, webpages. More visibility of client online resources implies that the business seeking SEO services attracts more web traffic, hence there exist greater chances of lead generation, conversion of leads to sales. If a business manages to convert leads to sales then it implies that it generates business profits.

Benefits of SEO

Following are the benefits of using SEO as part of web-marketing:-

SEO helps a business to enhance its ranking in the various search engine research pages
It helps to attract more and more quality online traffic
It helps to generate leads
Convert leads to sales
SEO contributes to business profitability
Search engine optimization also contributes to branding

Types of SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is of two types and they are as follows:-

On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO?

At first, it is important to say that when web marketers do SEO then they deal with client websites or other web resources. On-page SEO is the type of SEO that is done on the website of the client. It deals with keyword research and analysis. In On-page SEO, digital marketing experts require to have skills in writing and posting content for the client website. Such contents include the Title, meta description, body of the content. On-page SEO is associated with using keywords in the website contents. The expert search engine optimizer should make sure that the keywords are well-researched, they are not that competitive but have high online search values. Moreover, the keywords that need to be used in the content should be relevant. For keywords it is important to mention that there are broadly two types of keywords 1) Short-tail keywords 2) Long-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords are more competitive than long-tail keywords and hence the chances of converting leads to sales are low with short-tail keywords. It is always advised to use long-tail keywords in website content while doing on-page SEO. Besides, on-page digital marketing also involves search engine indexing so that a website or a link has higher visibility in the search engine results pages.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO also deals with search engine optimization activities that are outside a website. Off-page search engine optimization deals with link-building. Proper link-building of a website can enhance the DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), PR (Page Rank) of the website. It implies greater exposure of the client business, more lead-generations, and conversions. For more information on Off-page web marketing visit relevant websites available online.

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Understanding The Significance of Content Writing in SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is very important for the growth of a business. Web marketers or SEO specialists who are responsible for doing the search engine optimization of client websites require adopting SEO strategies to enhance the visibility of the website in the various search engine results pages. The website visibility depends on how well the SEO expert conducts on-page as well as off-page optimization of the client website. In the context of on-page or off-page search engine optimization, it is important to understand that the emphasis is always on the website contents. It is important that the content for on-page as well as off-page search engine optimization is well written with proper distribution of keywords, anchor text. The objective is to attract more and more web traffic to a business. From this angle the significance of content writing and content writers is high when it comes to search engine optimization.

Tips on Writing SEO Contents

This blog discusses how you should write content while doing on-page or off-page SEO activities.

On-Page Content Writing

if you are focussing on on-page activities then you know that you have to write high-quality content for your website pages. The objective is to attract more and more traffic to your business. Understand that greater traffic implies higher lead-generation and subsequently greater conversion of leads to sales. While writing on-page content like the content for a website’s about-us page, you require to be very specific about your business, you require to highlight your business objective. While writing the content you can use anchor text as and where required. The links that you use need to be relevant. There should not be an overuse of keywords. The keyword distribution should not exceed 1%-3% in the entire content. If you follow these rules then you discover that your website content is presentable and attracts more and more online traffic.

Off-page Content Writing

Off-page search engine optimization means link building. Link building in SEO is very important as it helps to enhance the page rank of a website, it helps to enhance the DA or domain authority value, the PA or page authority value of a website. During the process of link building, the web marketers require to post content along with relevant links in a number of blog sites, article sites, forum sites, question answers site, press release sites. To create the content the web marketers require the participation of content writers. To do off-page content writing the web marketers require to follow some rules. They require to write content on the topic, include keywords that are relevant to the topic. The content writers require to use anchor texts linking relevant websites or web resources. In this context, it is relevant to add that the content writers can do keyword research to find out the keywords to be used for the content, or else the list of keywords will be furnished by the client. There should not be an overuse of the keywords. The entire content should have a keyword density in the range of 1% to 3% only.

This blog highlights the fact that content writing is immensely important for both on-page as well as off-page SEO. Therefore, the next time you wish to do SEO of your client’s website then be sure to hire the quality services of a professional content writer.

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Strengthening and Enforcing Our Profession

In order to be an effective project manager (PM), we should look at our definition of project management. Definitions surprisingly vary greatly by organization and individual. We should be careful about calling something project management that really is not. Doing so often confuses the profession. Call it what it is. If a position is more administrative, add this label. If a position is more holistic with overall responsibility and leadership for the success of the project, I’d be more inclined to call it project management. Well defined roles are not only essential for the organization and individual, but for the profession at large.

If someone is used to providing project leadership and overall project responsibility under a PM title, certain expectations are set. If the next opportunity doesn’t provide the same opportunities and expectations both the organization and individual may experience issues. Likewise if someone is in a lower level position where they simply schedule meetings and follow-up on action items, this individual may develop an inappropriate perception of project management. Remember, a true PM is responsible for all aspects of the project, including management of scope, time, cost, quality, procurement, human resources, communication, risk management, stakeholder management, and integration. I’d even take this list a step further and involve the PM in scope discussions during business development. It’s never too early to involve the person responsible for high stakes efforts.

Other pet peeves of mine are a lack of analysis and a lack of communication skills. Project management isn’t about producing reports or documents, but managing to ensure project success. Project data is necessary to ensure success, but without analysis and interpretation it is strictly administrative data. I’m also often amazed at the lack of communication in project management. Strong PMs spend eighty to ninety percent of their time communicating. This doesn’t mean just forwarding emails, but providing impact analysis and recommendations. And my final pet peeve (for this posting!) centers on improperly handling situations by escalating all items or informing all parties of all developments. This goes along with communication. Determine your stakeholders and how you will interact with those stakeholders. It may be easier to copy everyone involved, but it’s not about what is easy.

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Ways to Create a Powerful Website Design

For businesses to grow and be successful they need a website since this is among the most effective tools to realize their goal. This is also the way to draw potential customers to the products and/or services they offer. In addition, this has a wider reach compared to other marketing methods without their high startup costs. Businesses can consider the following tips to create a powerful web design.

Take Advantage of Visual Hierarchy

The term visual hierarchy refers to the arrangement of website elements like the color, font size, white space and position to put emphasis on the primary point for every page. In order to complement a call to action (CTA), it is important to direct the eyes of visitors to something they want done by means of these visual factors.

To highlight their landing page’s central theme, they can do the following:

Make the font size larger.
Place the text at the top part of the window.
Choose a contrasting color since this stands out from the rest of the page.
Include a captivating graphic or video making use of the latest innovative web design trends.
Use white space so it will stick out from other text.

Use Minimalism

Businesses should use and integrate the above mentioned elements on the website but they have to keep in mind that this should be done in moderation. If this is overdone, this will cause cluttering, which will make customers confused or even worse, discouraged.

Also, they should not let visitors complete many tasks. They should minimize form fields as well as menu items and only focus on one CTA that has one goal per page.

According to a Google study, users do not like visual complexity. There are ways to simplify a site such as:

Eliminate the Sidebar – rather than have readers click on information on the sidebar, the process can be made easier by taking away this element and just create a very long page. In this way, they will be able to scroll through the content and scan everything, raising the possibility that the message of the brand will be conveyed.

Go for Familiar Layouts – while they may think that an unusual site design will set their domain apart from the rest of the competition, visitors are actually attracted to simple layouts with easy to understand icons and effects. Also, using a regular web structure can improve navigation on their site.

Prioritize Readability

Businesses should consider readability to make it easy for users to recognize and comprehend the text on their site. Prioritizing this factor will make sure that users will not have a difficult time in scanning their site and will remember the information they want to be retained. They should use the most ideal typeface, font size and contrasting colors for their brand.


Websites are important since these provide prospects with information on the business, which includes the office address, email address and phone numbers.

In addition, websites enable businesses to build and establish credibility in their niche of choice by being a source they can trust and rely on. The best SEO strategies and relevant content will help establish their authority in their industry making use of their domain and most especially, a powerful website.

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Data Science And The Advantages It Offers

Data Science has turned out to be a progressive technological field that everybody seems to talk about these days. In fact, it is considered the ‘most appealing job of the 21st century’. Let’s find out more about it.

Data Science is a buzzword and not a lot of people understand it. While many human beings desire to emerge as data scientists, it is indispensable to check out the advantages of this field. Let’s check out some of the advantages.

1. It’s in high Demand

Data Science is in high demand. Prospective job seekers have several opportunities to avail of. It is the quickest developing field of job on LinkedIn and is envisioned to create 11.5 million jobs by the end of 2026. This makes Data Science a pretty employable job sector.

2. Abundance of Positions:

There are very few human beings who have the required skill-set to become a good data scientist. Therefore, this field of job is less saturated than other IT sectors. Therefore, this offers a lot of opportunities. The subject is high in demand but there are not many professionals out there who can meet the demand.

3. A Highly Paid Career option

Science has created a lot of highly paid jobs. According to Glassdoor, Data Scientists make more than of $116,100 per year. This makes data science one of the best moneymaking professions out there.

4. Versatile

There are several purposes of data science. For instance, It is extensively used in health-care, banking, consultancy services, and e-commerce industries. So, this field is a very versatile. Therefore, you will have the chance to work in a number of fields.

5. Data analysis

Data analysis companies require experts to analyze their data. They not only analyze the data but also enhance the quality of it. Therefore, this offers a lot of benefits for companies that are looking for an ideal way of getting their data analyzed.

6. Data Scientists are Highly Prestigious

Data Scientists allow different types of groups to make smarter business decisions. Companies rely on these professionals and use their understanding to grant much better services for their clients. So, these people play one of the most important roles in the company.

7. No More Boring Tasks

This has helped a number of industries to automate different types of redundant tasks. Companies make use of historic information in order to train machines to perform repetitive tasks. This has simplified a lot of hard jobs undertaken by real people before.

8. Data Science Makes Products Smarter

This field involves the use of Machine Learning that has enabled industries to create higher quality merchandise that are customized for each consumer.

For example, Recommendation Systems use on e-commerce web sites provide customized insights into the likes and dislikes of customers primarily based on their historic purchases. This has enabled computer systems to apprehend human-behavior and make data-driven decisions.

9. It can Save Lives

The Healthcare sector has been substantially uplifted due to of the advent of data science. With the introduction of computer learning, it has been made much easier to become aware of early-stage tumors. Also, many different health-care industries use these systems in order to assist their clients.

10. Data Science Can Make You A Better Person

This will not just provide you with a good profession but will also help you develop your personality. You will be able to enjoy a problem-solving attitude. Since many of these roles bridge IT and Management together, you will be capable to get the most of both the worlds.

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